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Check Us Out: Inside the Wedge

(Excerpt from an article: Inside the Wedge...Rochdale Farms: Everyday and Artisan Specialty Cheeses, and Hand-rolled Butter. See full article here.)

The Wedge is proud to be one of the first co-ops to sell a new line of local cheese and butter produced under the label Rochdale Farms.*

K&K Creamery of Cashton,Wisconsin, a winner of numerous American Cheese Society Award ribbons, produces these cheeses with milk from over 325 Minnesota- and Wisconsin-based Amish farms. The average herd at each farm comprises twenty hand-milked and traditionally pastured cows.

Rochdale Farms is the brainchild of Mary Bess Michaletz and Bentley Lein, who wanted to strengthen the market for small, local dairy producers by creating a top-quality brand of dairy products exclusive to co-ops.

Rochdale Farms is producing two categories of specialty cheese: organic and rbgh-free. The Wedge currently stocks three of their organic cheeses: mild white cheddar, medium white cheddar and marbled cojack.


Rochdale Farms Hand Rolled Butter comes from Richland Center, Wisconsin. This small-churn, lightly salted butter is made fresh to order. Whey cream is added to each batch to impart a tangy, cultured flavor. This butter is produced at Alcam, a third-generation, family-run facility established in 1946 by brothers-in-law Al and Cam.

We are proud to bring you the products of dairy cooperatives - from Coop to Coop to your table.

* The Rochdale Farms label is named in honor of the Rochdale Society of Equitable Pioneers from Rochdale, England. In 1844, the Pioneers launched a member-owned co-op selling butter, sugar, flour, oatmeal and candles. Within a short time the idea of cooperation took hold; today every food cooperative can trace its roots back to the Rochdale Pioneers.

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