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Rochdale Farms in the Press!

We share articles and blog posts that feature Rochdale Farms, as well as other relevant information from time to time. If you see us in the news, let us know on our facebook page or send us an email at


Also, see our EVENTS tab for our calendar of TASTINGS, DEMOS and other SPECIAL EVENTS.

About Principle Six (P6)

We firmly believe the power of co-operatives to build a better food system is by shifting the focus to where it should be: small farmers, local producers, and co-op businesses. P6 is the foundation and values of which Rochdale Farms Cooperative was grown from.

On Video

Rochdale Farms Founder, Mary Bess Michaletz talks butter with Kim Eslinger of Mill City Times.

Kari Binning, Mississippi Market, talks about the importance of cooperatives.

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