Delicious, Delightful Yogurts
1% Low Fat Yogurt — Plain

balanced tangy flavor and silky custard-like texture (24oz)


1% Low Fat Yogurt — Vanilla

lightly sweetened with a touch of organic cane sugar and natural vanilla (24oz)


Greek Style Whole Milk Yogurt — Plain

extra creamy thick texture (24oz)


Fresh, Small and Local

Rochdale Farms Yogurt is crafted from fresh, non-homogenized rBGH free milk. Our yogurts are made from rich whole milk and comes from a small herd right there on the farmstead.


Our Cream Top

A signature characteristic of Rochdale Farms yogurt is the thick luscious cream-top. We want you to experience an old fashioned “fresh from the creamery” flavor so we always use non-homogenized milk. Milk in its natural non-homogenized form will separate: cream rises to the top. Enjoy a spoonful of the luscious cream-top as a decadent experience, or blend it in to create an even more custard-like texture.


Very, Very Versatile

Rochdale Farms yogurt is great enjoyed straight out of the cup. Blend our yogurt into silky fruit smoothies. Enjoy a silky dessert of yogurt and your favorite seasonal fruit. Use Rochdale Farms yogurt and fresh herbs in place of sour cream in a simple green salad dressing. It can be strained in a kitchen colander and made into delicious homemade spreadable yogurt cheese.

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