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Celebrating Award-Winning Yogurts with Milk from Wisconsin Farms.
Judged as the “Top Sheep Milk Yogurt”* 2016 World Championship Cheese Contest
Judged 5th, 6th and 7th**
2016 World Championship Cheese Contest
Single-Source, Local Sheep Milk Yogurt,
5.5% Milkfat — Plain

rich, creamy, thick and smooth (24oz)


Quality Sheep-Milk Yogurt Crafted in the Heart of Wisconsin Dairyland

This yogurt is crafted using single-sourced, batch-tested sheep milk from Mayfell Family Sheep Dairy Farm of Amery, Wisconsin. Rochdale Farms takes the rich, creamy milk and uses minimal processing to make a thick and smooth non-homogenized sheep milk yogurt that has a clean, fresh, and natural flavor. Ingredients include Grade A pasteurized sheep milk, yogurt cultures, and that’s it.


Small Sheep Herd Grazes on Pasture

John Mayer of Mayfell Family Farms describes his dairy as a “Grade-A sheep dairy, single-farm source, family-owned”. He is looked to as a leader in the sheep dairy industry. A priority focus for John and the farm is making sure the animals are healthy and low-stressed. The sheep are free roam and graze on pasture
during the grazing season with a little hay to aid in digestion. Each batch is tested to ensure the highest quality and most consistent milk.


Why Sheep Milk?

There is a growing popular conversation surrounding the nutritional-benefits, the digestibility, as well as the great taste of sheep milk vs. cow milk and goat milk. Highest (of the three) in protein, carbohydrates, fat, Vitamin C, B12, folate, calcium and magnesium, sheep milk is rich in nutrition and it also has a luscious, creamy mouth-feel. Sheep are some of the most efficient producers needing mostly grass to produce rich milk. Their milk is more naturally homogenized, meaning smaller-sized fats and nutrients that can typically be more easily digested by people. Last but not least, the taste of the sheep milk (particularly ours) is fresh, clean and delicious.


* Sugar River Dairy, the producers of Rochdale Farms Sheep Milk Yogurt, earned a Bronze Medal by judges at the World Championship Cheese Contest in the non-cow milk yogurt category behind (1st) Water Buffalo and (2nd) Goat Yogurt.

1% Low Fat Yogurt — Plain

balanced tangy flavor and silky custard-like texture (24oz)


1% Low Fat Yogurt — Vanilla

lightly sweetened with a touch of organic cane sugar and natural vanilla (24oz)


Greek Style Whole Milk Yogurt — Plain

extra creamy thick texture (24oz)


Fresh, Small and Local

Rochdale Farms Yogurt is crafted in the heart of Wisconsin Dairyland from fresh, non-homogenized rBGH free milk. The Paris Family, Ron and Chris pick up milk daily in a small milk truck and transport it back to the creamery where it’s immediately made in to small batch yogurt. Our Greek Style yogurt is made from rich whole milk and comes from a small herd just over the hill from Sugar River Dairy. Rochdale Farms low fat yogurts are made from fresh 1% milk from Sassy Cow, a family owned, two-farm dairy just 40 miles from the creamery.


Our Cream Top

A signature characteristic of Rochdale Farms yogurt is the thick luscious cream-top. We want you to experience an old fashioned “fresh from the creamery” flavor so we always use non-homogenized milk. Milk in its natural non-homogenized form will separate: cream rises to the top. Enjoy a spoonful of the luscious cream-top as a decadent experience, or blend it in to create an even more custard-like texture.


Very, Very Versatile

Rochdale Farms yogurt is great enjoyed straight out of the cup. Blend our yogurt into silky fruit smoothies. Enjoy a silky dessert of yogurt and your favorite seasonal fruit. Use Rochdale Farms yogurt and fresh herbs in place of sour cream in a simple green salad dressing. It can be strained in a kitchen colander and made into delicious homemade spreadable yogurt cheese.



** Sugar River Dairy also earned awards for other yogurts sold by Rochdale Farms including:
5th Place: 1% Milkfat Plain (Lowfat Yogurt, Non-Flavored)
6th Place: 1% Milkfat Vanilla (Lowfat Yogurt, Flavored)
7th Place: Greek-Style (High Protein Yogurt, Non-Flavored)

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